Documentaries on sex

sex documentary malta

A series of documentaries in Maltese on sex:  L-Orgażmu (Orgasm) Mard Trasmess Sesswalment (STDs) Prostituzjoni (Prostitution)) Fetiċiżmi (Fetishes) Sess u Diżabilta’ (Sexuality & Disability) Omosesswalita’ (Homosexuality) Ix-Xewqa Sesswali (Sexual Desire) L-Imħabba u s-Sess (Love & Sex) L-Infedelta’ (Infidelity)

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Saying no to sex

Sexual consent is not about being uptight

Girls can end up being caught between being labelled either sluts or being uptight. If a girl says no to sex she doesn’t want, she doesn’t have to struggle with such negative labels, or give in so as to avoid them!

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