Documentaries on sex

sex documentary malta

A series of documentaries in Maltese on sex:  L-Orgażmu (Orgasm) Mard Trasmess Sesswalment (STDs) Prostituzjoni (Prostitution)) Fetiċiżmi (Fetishes) Sess u Diżabilta’ (Sexuality & Disability) Omosesswalita’ (Homosexuality) Ix-Xewqa Sesswali (Sexual Desire) L-Imħabba u s-Sess (Love & Sex) L-Infedelta’ (Infidelity)

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Uliedna rigal

Book for parents of LGBTIQ children in Maltese

This is the first book in Maltese that is written by parents of LGBTIQ children for other parents. It covers all the important aspects encountered by families with LGBTIQ individuals in Malta. The book was produced by Drachma Parents, a group for parents of LGBTIQ persons. More information can be…

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Everybody goes through coming out

Ash Beckman on coming out as something everybody goes through

Ash Beckham talks about her experience of coming out and how this is a process that everybody goes through in one way or another when one has heart-to-heart conversations. She concludes by saying that in order not to damage oneself because of the stress of keeping things inside, one needs…

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