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Experiences not objects

spending money on experiences not objects to feel happy

This article is about the importance of spending money on experiences not on objects because the latter only make you happy for a short while, unlike experiences which remain with you in memory and make you happy. Article can be accessed here.

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Relaxation music

meditation and relaxation music

Relaxation sound or music tracks are beneficial to help one to meditate or just relax, especially if combined with connecting to one’s body. Here are four good tracks: Track 1 (music) Track 2 (rain) Track 3 (meditation music and sea) Track 4 (music)

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Documentaries on sex

sex documentary malta

A series of documentaries in Maltese on sex:  L-Orgażmu (Orgasm) Mard Trasmess Sesswalment (STDs) Prostituzjoni (Prostitution)) Fetiċiżmi (Fetishes) Sess u Diżabilta’ (Sexuality & Disability) Omosesswalita’ (Homosexuality) Ix-Xewqa Sesswali (Sexual Desire) L-Imħabba u s-Sess (Love & Sex) L-Infedelta’ (Infidelity)

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Positivity generates happiness

Shawn Achor on positivity generating happiness

Shawn Achor talks about how in order to be happy, one needs to change one’s view of reality rather than awaiting a change in environment. This means focusing on what is positive in oneself and reality and working on it. And rather than being happy because you’re successful, it’s important…

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Uliedna rigal

Book for parents of LGBTIQ children in Maltese

This is the first book in Maltese that is written by parents of LGBTIQ children for other parents. It covers all the important aspects encountered by families with LGBTIQ individuals in Malta. The book was produced by Drachma Parents, a group for parents of LGBTIQ persons. More information can be…

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