Michael has studied and works in the counselling and psychotherapeutic professions. He is accredited and registered to work as a psychotherapist in both Malta and Britain, and he is an accredited and registered counsellor in Britain. He is also a counsellor and psychotherapy supervisor. 

He has worked with very diverse client groups and in different settings, and runs his own private practice. He also offers online sessions. Particular interests of his are gender, sexuality, and the erotic in all kinds of relationships. He is well read in the subject and has experience in working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer clients, as well as others who are still questioning their gender or sexual identity or who feel they don't fit in within a particular identity label.

In his work, his focus is on helping individuals become more authentic with themselves and in their relationships as this gives them more power over their lives. Being authentic is related to being true to yourself, but it is also related to being your own author and giving authority to yourself to be who you are. So rather than trying to find labels that you then fit into, Michael prefers to help people create their own identity and implement the necessary changes to live it out.

Michael's second focus in his work is the relationship he builds with his clients. Hence, although he uses different techniques according to the issues that clients present with, all of this happens within the context of the relationship. You can read more about this in the about section.